JE Design Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Widebody

The new Touareg measures four centimeters longer than its predecessor. However, only JE DESIGN makes the big VW wider. A combination of alloy wheels and a lowered stance bestows the new JE DESIGN Widebody kit conversion of Wolfsburg's new SUV with a more striking appearance and a "king-of-the-road" like presence. The performance enhancement lives up to the visual appearance one expects from the widebody in an impressive way, and the superb interior is nothing but luxurious.

The JE DESIGN Widebody kit is now also available for the new Touareg R-Line. Coming off the assembly line of VW, the SUV already has a sporty design; but now it is fitted with a new sports grille, front spoiler, front and rear wheel arch kit, rear apron insert, and a tailgate panel that make it look much more aggressive. All components are precisely fitted and manufactured in polyurethane (PU) or a fibre-reinforced composite and are supplied ready-primed. This customization comes to a perfect full circle by adding the dual exhaust system with oval stainless steel tailpipes on either side (120 x 85 mm).

With this, the tuning specialist proves again how fast and efficient the JE DESIGN engineers work; because the body kit for the R-Line model completes the offer: JE DESIGN has now an exhaustive tuning program for all models of the VW Touareg II.

However, JE Design has not stopped at the visual transformation of the Touareg. Thanks to its optimized engine management system, the performance of the 4.2 l TDI engine has been increased from 340 hp (250 kW) to 410 hp (302 kW) and the maximum torque leaps from 800 to 930 Newton metres. With that, the 0 -100 kph acceleration of the vehicle that weighs in at over two tonnes, only takes 5.4 seconds instead of 5.8 seconds, and the top speed rises from 242 to 269 kph. The 3.0 l TDI as well is put through a hefty power enhancement program, increasing its output from 240 hp (177 kW) to 285 hp (210 kW).

To help ensure the new-found power is utilized to its fullest extent, the electronic suspension module lowers the vehicle and brings it 35 millimeters closer to the tarmac.

This makes the new alloy wheels look even more impressive. JE DESIGN equips the Wolfsburg vehicle with its SUV-Select design, 10x22 inch aluminium wheels and adding ultra high-performance tires of the size 295/30. In addition, a wheel spacer kit (30 millimeters in front, 40 millimeters in the rear), ensures that the wheels fill the extended arches to achieve an optimum effect. In order to individualize the wheels, they are available in three different surface finishes: shadow silver with a polished front, matt black with a matt silver front, and matt graphite silver with polished edges. Custom-painted wheels are also available so that every Touareg owner can customize his vehicle to his own taste.

The aggressive appearance of the customized JE DESIGN Touareg stands in contrast to its luxurious interior. Here, the tuning specialist finished the entire dashboard, door panels, and the extensive roof liner with the finest Alcantara money can buy.

Source: JE Design press

JE Design Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Widebody