Carlsson Mercedes-Benz ML CD35

The new ML from Carlsson is celebrating its world premiere in Geneva. With an extensive range of accessories, the automobile customizer, Carlsson, is setting the standard for SUV refinement for 2012. Mercedes-Benz specialists are using the current M-class (W 166) as a basis. With a perfectly formed aerodynamic package, a performance enhancement and elegant, 22-inch light alloy wheels, the Carlsson ML CD35 is setting new standards already.

With an aerodynamic package that was developed in a wind tunnel, Carlsson Autotechnik gives the Mercedes-Benz ML a style-defining appearance. The bold lines of the ML CD35 body accessories perfect the already powerful stock design of the new M-class. The Carlsson designers went about this with a delicate touch. Simply by installing the dynamically designed front apron gives the vehicle front end got a much more masculine appearance. In conjunction with the dual headlight unit with integrated LED daytime running lights with the option of using these as position lamps at night and the grille inserts made of electro polished stainless steel mesh it gives the Mercedes-Benz SUV an incisive upgrade. Such stainless steel inserts also adorn the chrome radiator grille. The automobile customizer also designed an equally high-quality grille insert for the central air inlet.

The exclusive design of the dynamically moulded front end of the Carlsson ML CD35 is continued by attractive side skirts. The rear end of the SUV, which will have its premiere in Geneva, also adds to its automotive character. The rear apron, in combination with a stainless steel, double flow rear exhaust resonator characterizes the design of the Carlsson ML CD35, which already has had the first stage of a performance enhancement.

The Carlsson CD35 performance kit enhances the standard performance from 254 HP (190 kW) in the ML 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC basic vehicle with its three-litre V6 diesel engine, to a powerful 305 HP (228 kW) in the ML CD35. The C-Tronic® supplementary control unit increases the maximum torque from 620 Nm to a mighty 700 Nm. Thanks to its integration into the on-board electronics, the vehicle and C-Tronic control unit constantly communicate all essential parameters, which ensures compliance with all of the safety-related limit values. The C-Tronic® shuts off as soon as temperature, emissions or smooth running characteristics are about to be affected. All parameters are adjusted to pre-set target values within milliseconds in order to ensure lasting driving enjoyment without increased wear. Carlsson is currently developing additional performance enhancements for the Mercedes ML.

The latest generation of Carlsson C-Tronic SUSPENSION with iPhone connectivity is also installed in the Carlsson ML CD35. This suspension control unit can easily be configured using an app from Carlsson and provides dynamic chassis lowering. The C-Tronic SUSPENSION independently identifies a bad section of road by continuous strong spring activity and adjusts the vehicle height to the road conditions within milliseconds. This ensures optimal ride comfort and residual spring travel. Depending upon the speed, the lowering kit is configured to around 30 mm on the ML CD35, which further enhances driving dynamics. When the engine is turned off, C-Tronic SUSPENSION lowers the vehicle and switches into sleep mode in order to preserve the vehicle battery power. The wheel wells on the attractive Carlsson ML CD35 house one-piece, 10 x 20-inch, light alloy wheels with the elegant Carlsson 1/5 Revo design. At the Geneva Motor Show, five-spoke wheels in the Brilliant Edition and Dark Series surface finish will be installed.

The automobile customizer, Carlsson, enhances the interior with illuminated door sill panels imprinted with Carlsson lettering, Carlsson door pins, and pedals made of aluminum, including the foot rest.

Source: Carlsson press

Carlsson Mercedes-Benz ML CD35