Carlsson Smart Fortwo

Luxury condensed into a mere 2.70 metres of overall length: the automobile customizer Carlsson refines the smart ForTwo Coupé (model 451) thereby emphasizing the unique appearance of the small city runabout. High-quality aerodynamic components, smart-looking light alloy wheels and a performance enhancement to 110 HP and 158Nm of torque, as well as an distinguished interior upgrade make this successful model unmistakable.

The installation of the CK10 performance kit, which consists of a high-performance air filter and engine electronics custom designed for the three-cylinder engine, increases the performance from 83 hp to 110 hp. Carlsson also increases the torque of the smart by a whole 38 Nm to a total of 158 Nm that set in at 2,000 rpm already. This allows the Carlsson- modified coupé to accelerate from a standing start to 100 km/h in just 9.9 seconds. The top speed of the Carlsson CK10 is 155 km/h (=96.31 mph), while in the standard car it is 145km/h (=90.1). A flow-optimized Carlsson rear sport exhaust resonator made of stainless steel with four round tailpipes gives the little city runabout the powerful sound to match the added performance. With the Carlsson suspension lowering of the front axle by 15 mm (=0.59”) and of the rear axle by 30 mm (=1.18”), and the one-piece Carlsson light alloy wheels with a 1/6 Revo design in 6.5 und 7.5 x 17 inches, Carlsson emphasizes the sporty driving performance of the smart CK10.

The front of the smart is adorned with a Carlsson front spoiler and black Carlsson grille inserts of powder-coated stainless steel. The LED daytime running lights installed by Carlsson are approved as position lamps and can be operated in tandem with the low beams of the headlights. This significantly distinguishes these daytime running lights from common retrofit kits. The Carlsson rear spoiler perfectly matches the four round 76 mm tailpipes of the sporty, beefy sounding Carlsson exhaust resonator.

Refinement of the interior by the company-owned saddlery shop at the Gut Wiesenhof country estate ensures all-around interior luxury. The driver's and front passenger's seats are re-upholstered in quilted Carlsson nappa leather and embellished with a Carlsson logo in the backrests. The steering wheel, the top of the dashboard with the glove compartment lid and the door panels are also covered in the finest Carlsson nappa leather. The automobile customizer also installs a gear selector lever covered in Carlsson nappa leather including a laser-cut Carlsson logo, as well as the Carlsson aluminium handbrake lever with sleeve in Carlsson nappa leather. A set of Carlsson floor mats and a boot mat in soft velour with Carlsson logo and the high-quality aluminium pedal covers round out the interior refinement.

Source: Carlsson press

Carlsson Smart Fortwo