Hulme F1

Hulme Supercars finalizes the “Hulme F1”

To ensure the Hulme F1 is built to comply with the various criteria of all countrys and to improve the aerodynamics and airflow of the car based on the latest F1 information, Hulme has re-designed the front and rear wings.

After the success of driving the Hulme CanAm Spyder at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK and detailed discussions with a number of potential customers and experts in the Supercar industry, they have continued to develop the car which will be built to the same quality level as the fabulous Pagani, and comply with “Group LVV EU certification”. This will enable the cars to be sold and resold in all countries that accept this certification.

Significant design refinements have been incorporated as shown in the photograph to ensure it will be a true driver's car.  It will be powered by a hand built, supercharged, 700 HP engine which is being developed with the help of the famous engine builders “Nicholson McLaren” owned in part by Bruce McLaren’s engine man from the 60’s and 70’s Kiwi, John Nicholson. It will provide amazing torque and tractability and will be built as a road going car to comply with the European Small Series certification for use in all 27 EU states plus many others that accept EU certification.

The Hulme Supercar is named in honor of Denny Hulme, New Zealand’s only Formula One World Champion and double CanAm Champion. It is a superb high performance motorcar and will be built in very limited numbers, ensuring is rarity and exclusivity. Its open wheels, electrifying performance and spectacular looks give the driver an experience as close as possible, to driving a Formula One car legally on the road.

The vehicle has been designed by New Zealanders and draws on their world class combined knowledge and experience of international motor racing and high tech composite Americas Cup racing yachts. It will have the latest crash absorption systems in place and a fully developed ABS electronic driver aid system to provide a safe driving experience. To achieve the 1080kg vehicle weight it will use a state of the art carbon/titanium/kevlar composite chassis and composite body panels. The “Hulme F1” features a F1 style high down force generating aero package with push-rod suspension to provide superior road holding, handling and ride comfort.

True to Denis Hulme himself, the “Hulme F1” is not for the faint hearted. It is a unique car for those with a desire for performance, exhilaration and exotica.

Hulme Supercars are accepting “Options to Purchase” agreements for the very limited, first years production, with delivery starting in late 2012.

Source: Hulme press

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