VW Fox Sport Spy Photos

Reminiscent of the first generation VW Golf GTI the new Volkswagen Fox Sport is a mini pocket rocket destined to give a thrilling ride.  Of course the immense popularity of the VW Golf model over the years has elevated its status within the VW model range and is no longer the darling little baby.  Enter Fox Sport slated to be a hit in Germany, UK, Italy, France and South America (where it is produced).  The Fox Sport will receive the 92 kW / 125bhp 1.6L 16V 4-cylinder engine from the Lupo GTI and expected to go on sale next year.


Responsiveness and agility are the qualities that VW is engineering into this model.  Seen here hiding in a garden the Fox Sport is wearing testing apparatus to measure and analyze suspension travel and camber settings as well as the effects of tire and brake performance. 


Another VW Fox trait which should be noted is the static torsional rigidity of the body structure. At 17,941 Nm/degree it is an important measurement for body safety and comfort but also provides some insight into overall body responsiveness which affects driving dynamics.  For comparison the Volvo S60 and BMW E46 3 Series both measure in at 18,000 Nm/degree.  If the Fox Sport is to fill the shoes of the original GTI a tight stiff body structure is mandatory.


Expect the usual "Sport" model features such as sport seats, leather covered steering wheel, 15-inch allow wheels, slightly lowered suspension, fancy gear knob and other interior accents.

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