LaSalle Convertible Coupe

Although General Motors was run in the teens and twenties under the motto of “coordinated decentralization,” there did come a point when that philosophy conflicted with a newer strategy, “a car for every purse and purpose.” The policy was crafted when the brass realized that the divisions were competing with each other rather than the independent manufacturers. Now, price ranges for the GM products were positioned adjacent to each other rather than overlapping. Management then realized there was a gap between the Buick and Cadillac brands, and thus the LaSalle was born.

Conceived as a “baby Cadillac,” the LaSalle was first introduced in 1927 and is most recognized as the first car to incorporate the concept of styling, led by designer Harley Earl, from the beginning of development. It featured smooth rather than sharp corners and had a long, low stance, a trend that would continue throughout Earl’s career with the company.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in October of 2011 at the Hershey Lodge, Hershey, Pennsylvania.

105 bhp 248 cu. in. L-head V-8, three-speed manual transmission, hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 120"

Source: RM Auctions

LaSalle Convertible Coupe