Porsche 911S Soft Window Targa

The Porsche 911S Soft Window Targa was a true example of innovation for the German manufacturer. The “Super,” introduced to the 911 that year, brought with it an impressive 160 bhp over the standard 911’s 130-bhp engine. Accompanied by upgraded suspension, including Koni shock absorbers and ventilated brake discs, the 911S was an overall much better performer. All of this weighed in less than the 911 at a featherweight 2,272 pounds.

Another unprecedented addition, 911S offered the first soft window Targa top, which also benefited from a foldaway back window and removable roof section. Some of the 1967 models were actually optioned with hard windows, which means less than the 483 units that were manufactured were original soft window Targas. The first year for the soft window Targa, coupled with introduction of the “Super,” makes a 1967 one of the rarest and most desirable Porsche 911Ss.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in August of 2011 at the Portola Hotel & Spa and Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, California.

160 bhp, two-liter flat six-cylinder engine with twin Weber carburetors, five-speed manual transmission, four-wheel independent suspension with Koni Struts in front and Koni shocks in rear, and four-wheel disc brakes. Wheelbase: 87.1"

Source: RM Auctions
Photo Credit: Copyright Michael Chan

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