Duesenberg Model J Convertible Victoria

The Duesenberg Model J epitomizes the Roaring ’20s, when all the chassis were built, though most of the 481 cars were completed and sold in the 1930s, as America’s classic supercar struggled through the Depression.

Convertible Victorias were much more popular in Europe than the U.S., where a rumble seat was preferred for occasional occupancy. In a Victoria, the lined top features a wide C-pillar sail panel, which surrounds the back seat. The occupants have very little visibility, which might suit them just fine. Rollston built long- and short-wheelbase examples, though the SWB model tends to be better proportioned. Some Rollston Convertible Victorias include rear quarter windows to improve visibility, and a few even have removable curtains, though that’s not a very attractive solution.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in August of 2011 at the Portola Hotel & Spa and Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, California.

265 hp, 420 cu. in. 32-valve, DOHC straight eight-cylinder engine, two-barrel updraft Stromberg carburetor, three-speed manual transmission, front and rear semi-elliptic leaf springs, rear live axle, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 142.5

Source: RM Auctions
Photo Credit: Copyright Darin Schnabel

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