Chevrolet Camaro RS

The 1990 model year finished the lowest production to date (35,048), due to a truncated 1990 model run followed by the early introduction of the facelifted 1991 models. 1990 also marked the final year for the IROC-Z. Chevrolet had decided not to renew their contract with the International Race of Champions, which was later renewed by Chrysler's Dodge Daytona.

This year was the first year for an airbag to be offered in any F-body. The new airbag came alone with a new "half-moon" gauge cluster, that was offered only in 1990-1992 Camaros. The sharp edges on the dash surfaces were rounded. Lettering on gauges was yellow instead of white. 1990 was thus a distinguishable model year as it was the only 3rd gen Camaro that didn't feature the "aero" GFX but did have the newer interior/dash features. The 2.8 L V6 was upgraded to the 3.1 L V6.

The RPO code 1LE was again available in 1990, triggered as in the previous year by RPO G92 Performance Axle combined with no air conditioning on the IROC-Z coupe. Only 62 Camaros were built with 1LE equipment in 1990.

Camaros in IROC-Z trim that were equipped with the 5.7 TPI Motor received a slight horsepower increase to 245 @ 4400 rpm and torque numbers also rose to 345 @ 3200 rpm.

Source: Wikipedia, 2012

Chevrolet Camaro RS