Edison2 Very Light Car Concept

Edison2 pursues efficiency through the absolute virtues of low weight and low aerodynamic drag. Although we anticipated developing a hybrid or electric vehicle – hence our name, Edison2 – our studies on efficiency led us away from the significant added weight of batteries needed for an electric or hybrid drive to a one-cylinder, 250cc internal combustion engine fueled by E85.

The Very Light Car is extremely light. Every component has been evaluated for function and redesigned with an eye to simplicity, strength and low weight. For example, brake calipers that usually weigh several pounds are less than one pound; lugnuts are 0.2 instead of 1 ounce.

Innovations derived from racing enhance safety in the Very Light Car. These innovations include collapsible space not available in current cars (such as wheels outside of the main body structure), a shape that avoids direct impacts, and a lightweight, sturdy steel frame. By far the best-handling vehicle in the X Prize dynamic safety tests, the Very Light Car’s agility improves accident avoidance, and its low mass is an advantage in single-car or auto-pedestrian accidents.

The Very Light Car embraces sustainability. Not just efficient to drive, but cradle-to-grave environmentally responsible. Less mass means fewer material inputs. Energy intensive and hazardous or scarce materials are largely avoided in favor of conventional materials, such as aluminum and steel, that are readily available, easily made in volume, and completely recyclable.

At heart the Very Light Car is a simple vehicle, avoiding the feature creep that has loaded down contemporary vehicles. Design simplicity, low mass, and conventional materials result in lower material costs and production time.

The Very Light Car is very likely the most efficient automobile platform ever built. Edison2’s innovations in auto efficiency apply regardless of power source. Weighing less than 800 lbs. and with a coefficient of drag of 0.16, the Very Light Car will be an ideal complement to an electric powertrain, meaning a smaller, less expensive battery pack, solving problems of range and performance.

Source: Edison2 press

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