Roding Roadster 23

An extraordinary car will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show 2012: The limited edition Roding Roadster 23. It is built for individuals that view agility and a direct, unfiltered driving experience as the true paradigms of a sports car. Drivers who want to distinguish themselves from the uniformity of the contemporary sports car market and want a vehicle that feels just as good on the racetrack as on a winding mountain road. It’s removable roof panels make it both cabriolet and coupe, and fit perfectly into the storage compartment. Versatile, powerful and precise, this new Racing Roadster is making a powerful impact in the international sports car scene. Conception and production are purely “handmade in Germany”, with each Roadster manufactured in the company's hometown of Roding, Germany.

The Roding roadster is propelled by a six cylinder BMW engine, which was especially adjusted for the Roding mid- engine concept by BMW. It boasts 320hp and 450nm of torque, and is turbocharged, resulting in a perfect balance of high performance, fast response and high efficiency in fuel consumption.

The Roding Roadster aspires to stringent weight reduction without compromising safety. It’s modern carbon fiber monocoque is extremely light, but also exceptionally safe and very rigid. Weighing in at only 950kg, it boasts substantial advantages in driving dynamics (acceleration, braking, curve speeds), product wear (extended Race track use) and efficiency (gas mileage). These attributes lay the foundation for its superb handling and stability on both the road and the racetrack.

The first cars to be produced are a special edition, limited run of 23 Roadsters, hence the name "Roding Roadster 23". These edition models feature an exclusive exterior design with all visible carbon parts like the hood, rear, chassis, doors and roof unpainted and the rest of the body in any custom paint color the customer wishes. It also includes factory installed racing components. This weight reduced Roadster was designed for the racetrack, but is also perfectly suited for daily use.

Source: Roding press

Roding Roadster 23