Cheetah Coupe

From Cheetah press: In the 60s, it was Chevrolet's idea - and Bill Thomas' dream - to create a car that would challenge the Cobra. The result? The awe-inspiring Cheetah, born of vision and guts and a commitment to build a car that would shatter track records along with the Cobra's dominance. With storied race-car builders Don Edmunds and Don Borth, Bill Thomas built a car that in turn built a new story of speed. 185 mph at RoadAmerica. 215 mph at Daytona.

Despite the small staff producing the car, the Cheetah, boasting shockingly good looks and unheard-of performance, developed a fanatical following. It didn't just turn heads at tracks: the street version brought envy to every neighborhood it called home. But sadly, it wasn't meant to be: Chevy pulled its support and, in a twist of unfriendly fate, fire destroyed the Cheetah factory. The dream ended, but the haunting question remained: What might have been?

It Doesn't Get More Original Than This - With only 23 original Cheetahs ever produced, it's time for some company. Since the introduction of the new Cheetah Continuation Coupe in Arizona in early 2006, vintage racing enthusiasts are rekindling some of their most cherished memories: the thrilling 1964 racing season, when the Cheetah captured 11 wins (and Cheetah believers know it should have been many more).

You'll want to catch the Cat before it's gone. Like most truly great things in life, the Cheetah Continuation Collectible is being produced in limited quantities. And that means they're not going to last long. A chance to own - and truly savor - such a legendary part of auto racing history is an opportunity that doesn't come around very often. But, for now, The Cat is Back. And with it, your chance to relive the glory days of the Cheetah has finally arrived.

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