Tata Goldplus Nano

From Tata press: Gold and gold jewelry in India have had great significance over the ages – as sign of wealth and status, of auspiciousness, as a liquid asset. Indians have always had a very special affinity for gold and jewelry.

Goldplus, a jewelry brand from Titan Industries has captured this significance by presenting ‘The World’s 1st ever gold jewelry car’. The car celebrates 5,000 glorious years of jewelry making in India. The Goldplus Car was unveiled by Mr. Ratan N Tata.

Taking over from the concept created by imaginative and passionate designers, 30 devoted artisans have dedicated their time and expertise to create this masterpiece. About 80 kgs of 22 Karat gold, approximately 15 kgs of silver, gem stones and 14 techniques of jewelry making - from the intricate Filigree work to the delicate and colorful Meenakari work, from the stunning Kundan to the traditional Naqashi work – all were incorporated to bring ‘HER’ to life. The Goldplus Car marks the convergence of diverse and culturally distinct jewelry techniques from across India.

Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Industries, explained on the occasion, “Since eternity jewelry made with gold and precious stones has been an integral part of the Indian woman’s life. jewelry for Indians is an embodiment of culture and tradition and so over the years, craftsmen have meticulously used their unmatched skills to showcase this in their designs. Our brand Goldplus aims to offer a wide range of beautifully crafted jewelry with traditional and intricate designs. Paying homage to 5000 years of jewelry tradition in India, we conceptualized to create ‘The World’s first gold jewelry car’ incorporating a variety of techniques.”

Mr. C.K. Venkataraman, COO Jewelry Division, elaborating on the initiative, said, “Indian jewelry has been an epitome of innovation and creativity and has carved a niche worldwide for itself for the intricacy of the designs crafted out of precious metals and stones. Through this effort we wanted to showcase the expertise of diverse Indian Jewelry making proficiency. Nothing could have been better than a Tata Nano, as there is a perfect synergy between the two brands that cater to the common man.

“We plan to take this ‘World’s first jewelry car’ to all Goldplus markets. With this celebration, we salute the craftsmen who gave everything to the art of Jewelry-making over the years.” added Mr. C.K. Venkataraman.

Goldplus is a jewelry retail brand from Titan Industries of the TATA group aims at providing customers in smaller towns and rural India with assured purity of gold in a wide range of beautifully crafted Jewelry. Goldplus today has 29 stores spread across 5 states across India. It is the largest Jewelry chain in Tamil Nadu.

Goldplus is targeted at semi urban and rural areas and aims to herald standardization in a largely undifferentiated market by establishing quality benchmarks. Goldplus aims to create awareness about gold purity and thereby set new Jewelry standards in India.

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