BBM Motorsport VW Golf GTi

Basically everything about VW-Golf in all its facets has been said and done, finally even an extremely popular car class was named after it. But what happens to Golfs when they leave the plant is still something to be thought about. For BBM Motorsport, located in the city of Senden in the area of Coesfeld / Münsterland, chip tuning is at the top of the To-do-List.

The Golf's standard 211 HP and 280 Nm of torque were improved through software and hardware tuning beginning with the install of a new turbo-back exhaust system. The figures are now 336 HP and thanks to a larger K04 turbocharger. The necessary tuning has been done on the BBM-Dynojet-power testing station “”. Not surprising for the amount of power added, is an upgraded StopTech braking system. Here the four piston alloy monobloc calipers are color matched to the rims firmly bite into the 355x32 mm discs.

The installation of the KW Club sport suspension was done through a setup on the Northloop (Nuerburgring) in cooperation with chassis-specialist Bernd Szafranski (former workshop manager of H&R suspension systems who operates as the KW Performance contact for BBM Motorsport) company MR Car Design from Erftstadt is. The above-mentioned stainless steel exhaust system with features a 200-cell free flowing race-cat and comes with a 10 year warranty, as well as one-off production service provided by VI R-Heck from MR Car Design.

The real carbon-coated parts such as hood and mirror caps, the VW-logo, the rear diffuser and the side steps are the courtesy of Blackgold designs.

The car wrap was finished in matt blue metallic foil, the sticker bombing of the fender and the orange colored ornament were done by CFC-Styling station and Marius Kadjer in Neuss. He is responsible for making this Golf and the BBM work worthy of recognition.

Source: BBM Motorsport Press

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