Horch 8-305 Tourer

Designed by Paul Daimler, son of the German auto pioneer, Horch’s twin overhead-camshaft straight eight was the first such engine intended for touring use.

Believed to have been rebodied some years ago, this Horch 8-305 is presented in white over black wings. The seating is all expertly upholstered in dark red leather. The car is very clean, except for some deteriorated items of trim, including the steering wheel hub and some of the hub caps. There is a crack to the windscreen, and some of the instruments are not original. The engine compartment is clean, though not completely detailed.

Horch automobiles are scarce today, examples from the 1920s particularly so, despite the fact that nearly 6,800 straight eights were built from 1926 to 1931. Thus, this car is exceedingly rare and represents a remarkable opportunity to acquire an example.

RM Auction from Aalhom; August 12, 2012

Source: RM Auctions
Photo Credit: Fluid Images

Horch 8-305 Tourer