Lexus LF-A Project Reignfire

If we were ever to give anyone advice about life, it would be to expect the unexpected and always reach for the impossible. Two months ago, we joined with Open Road Lexus to embark on a once in a lifetime project. July 20, 2012 officially marks the birth of Project Reignfire.

Adding PUR Wheels into the mix, we had a trio of minds collaborating on Project Reignfire. Firstly, we selected the Design 4OUR DEPTH based on the modern styling of the wheel. The hardest part of this entire project was to select the finish of the wheel. A gloss lumiere grey lip was paired with a modern black face to enhance the golden brake calipers.

Project Reignfire represents the unwillingness to never forfeit your dreams. As cliché as it sounds, it has been a dream come true to work with Open Road Lexus on this groundbreaking project.

PUR 4OUR DEPTH, Twenty-One Inch | Modern Black Face, Gloss Lumiere Grey Lip

Source: PUR Wheels

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