Superbus Concept

Superbus is a new concept for sustainable mobility, which consists of a new vehicle, new type of dedicated infrastructure and new logistics. For this new concept, all of the intelligence and innovation is put into the vehicle, whereas the dedicated infrastructure, where the Superbus runs at 250 km/h, is made of relatively cheap concrete roads.

Superbus is 15 meters long and provides seating for 23 passengers. In order to improve comfort and to allow individuality, it has 8 doors per side.

Superbus does not have a fixed schedule and the logistics allow for flexibility in high volume transport on demand, via a central routing optimization system. Thus the vehicle transports passengers from target to destination without the need for changeovers.

The design of Superbus has been developed around some key themes. Superbus is safe due to obstacle detection systems (through radar equipment and a fast responding electronic guidance system), high maneuverability and formidable breaking power.

Superbus is designed to be flexible regarding different travel needs. The two different interior cabins are designed for people travelling alone or in groups. Superbus is also flexible due to the routing, since there is no fixed route for Superbus and the routes are customized based on the preferred starts and destinations of the passengers. Since it also runs on standard roads, it can fit seamlessly into the existing infrastructure.

Superbus is sustainable. It is an electrically powered vehicle which uses rechargeable batteries. Because it is lightweight and because of its highly streamlined construction, Superbus has low energy consumption.

Beside all this, Superbus is designed to provide a sensational travel experience. The level of comfort should be comparable to travelling with a luxurious sedan. This sensational experience will be realized through high speed, ergonomic interior design and personal multimedia equipment for each individual passenger.

Superbus is developed in the Netherlands, but it can be regarded as a global investment since the Netherlands will subsequently be able to market it worldwide.

Source: Superbus Project

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