Lamborghini Electric Concept by Adriano Mudri

Lamborghini is known for its extreme looks and amazing engine sound. In a future world there will be electric Lamborghinis. They should still be powerful and breathtaking as ever. The concept combines two worlds in one car that is evident in its appearance.

The front styling is evolving from its edgy heritage and eases into a simplistic modern super Smartphone looking automobile. The rear dissolves from its classic looks (since the big engine block is eliminated), into a new propulsion technology and power source.

There is easy access to its battery compartment. Important information is clearly displayed to the driver. The integrated hub motors are also very significant and futuristic looking. All together it’s an electric rocket with new design features for a new generation of super cars.

Source: Adriano Mudri

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Lamborghini Electric Concept by Adriano Mudri