EGO Concept

The Ferrari Ego (which stands for Emotional Generation One) is a design study intended to emotionally connect the driver and a Ferrari of the future like never before. This study (completed by a group of design students from Italy) reflects a vision for what a Ferrari of the year 2025 might become. The driver sits in the center to deepen his or her link to the machine while surrounded by a central display, carbon fiber and black leather.

At the same time, the engine also sits in the center so the driver and the powerplant are even further connected. With bold lines it was inspired from unique organic and inorganic objects ranging from a simple egg to the Ferrari P3. The vision takes the idea of a Supercar further as it becomes a new type of car which the creators describe as a "Hypercar."

The EGO was designed for the customer of tomorrow who loves exotic cars, and is as comfortable taking their exotic to the golf club as they are the track. Istituto d'Arte Applicata e Design [IAAD] Torino graduates Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Petrachi, Vincenzo Morlino and Luca Zunino have taken their passion for the Ferrari brand and infused it with ideas of technology and design from the future.

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