Fiat 126 Flat Out by Andy Saunders

World renowned car designer, Andy Saunders has chopped his way back into the record books with his latest crazy creation, Flat Out. A radical sports car standing just under 22 inches tall .. and built by Saunders and his two man team in just THREE days!

Saunders, the Turner Prize nominated artist (Car-tist?) from Poole built the car as part of this weeks celebrations for the 40 th Annual Autojumble at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire.

With his long suffering sidekicks and fellow hot-rodders, Jim Chalmers and Doug Brown, Saunders worked tirelessly through 18-hour days to create the record breaker. Even finding time to create a superb hand stitched leather interior paying homage to classic Italian supercars of the 70s. With Doug being part of Aston Martins interior design team, this part of the project proved relatively easy!

The Worlds Lowest Car genre was actually started by Saunders with the creation of his super-low Mini, Claustrophobia back in 1985. Since then the record has passed to the squashed Hillman Imp Impressed of Danny Curtis and then the vertically challenged Lowlife built by Perry Watkins. The outgoing record holder stood at a mere 23.6 inches tall but took rather longer to build, at some 18 months.

So why did he do it? Andy himself picks up the tale. Well, I hadnt had the record for a while and thought it would be fun to get it back. Turning the whole build into a bit of automotive theatre seemed like a great idea. With everybody loving the raft of auto-makeover shows like Pimp My Ride and American Chopper we felt that the team should do it live to an audience over a weekend. With some 33,000-odd people coming to have a look at the build.. I guess that was the right decision!

Ever modest throughout, and with great acclaim for his fellow spanner-wielding superstars, whats next for Saunders and his team? Who knows?! he asks I wake up every morning with a new idea for a car and some of them just prove too exciting to ignore.

With a back catalogue that includes a road-legal speedboat (yes, you did read that right!) and several stunning prototype cars, whichever dream Saunders chooses to turn into road-taxed reality, it will doubtless be a show stopper.

Source: Andy Saunders

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