Soleil Motors Anadi

2012 Soliel Motors Anadi

Claim to Fame:
- Designed by famed Ugur Sahin Design
- Standard V8 good for 651-hp and 571 lb/ft torque. Top speed is claimed at 202 mph and to 60 only takes 3.1 seconds. Soleil also claims that they will use “magnetic rim technology,” a process which utilizes “kinetic energy formed form magnets to increase overall speed and efficiency,” or in the words of Jeremy Clarkson, magic.

Soleil says that production of the Anadi will run in limited numbers of only 300 models. So what then would the price be for an American muscle car with an Italian design you ask? Well, prepare to dish out $299,995 (not $300K) for this special edition Italian muscle car.

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