Volkswagen GT Up! Concept

The new up! will be offered with engine powers ranging up to 55 kW / 75 PS. That makes sense, because the up! is primarily driven in the urban world. However, the car design could handle much more power. Showing how a more powerful up! might look is the highly dynamic GT up!. 100 PS in power would be conceivable here. Fitted with such an engine, the barely 900 kg GT up! would signify affordable driving fun more than practically any other vehicle. GT stands for Gran Turismo. When an I is added for injection, its identifier refers to the Volkswagen icon. And performing on the same playing field is the GT up!.

Inside, the GT-up! with his charcoal-colored equipment is also on dynamics. A contrast to the center seat panels are charcoal with a blue plaid and forth in the "blue paint" rings around the air vents held precious painted in glossy black. The dashboard and door panels adapted then the black headliner.

Source: Volkswagen press

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