Volkswagen e-Up! Concept

"It has been decided: a production version of the e-up! will launch on the market in 2013," says Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management for the Volkswagen Brand with responsibility for Development. A near-production study of this zero-emissions car debuts at the 2011 IAA. A signature trait at its front end: the arc-shaped layout of its LED daytime running lights in the bumper. Just as eye-catching: the upper engine air intake – a slot between the headlights and the VW logo – which is fully covered by a chrome strip on the e-up!. Because a minimal volume of cooling air suffices for the entire drive system.

The interior of the e-up! is dominated by friendly tones of beige and the trim panel in front of driver and passenger, center console and door panels are painted in a remixed sound "two drops blue"; the applications shine around the air vents in an elegant black.

Slently provides the propulsion for the up to 135 km / h fast study, an electric motor with a peak power of 60 kW (continuous output 40 kW). As is common in electric motors, the almost silent machine developed from a standing start with maximum torque of 210 Newton meters.

The battery capacity of 18 kilowatt hours (kWh) can be covered depending on driving conditions distances of up to 150 kilometers - enough for the city and the journeys of most commuters. The batteries themselves are located in the bottom of the e-up!. All main propulsion and auxiliary engines, however, brought forward under the engine compartment.

Source: Volkwagen press

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