Auburn Model 8-125 Cabriolet

Introduced in 1930, the 8-125 was the result of the systematic evolution of the 1925, 8-88 chassis frame, fitted with a powerful 298 cubic inch straight-eight engine built by Lycoming. It was in 1928 that an earlier car with a smaller engine, the 8-115 Auburn Speedster, delivered a record-breaking 108.46 over the measured mile at Daytona. The same car also drove in 24 hours an astonishing 2,033 miles at Atlantic City averaging 84.7mph. Even though the 8-115 was only marginally slower than the Stutz Blackhawk, it was being sold for two-fifths the price! This would become the reputation that would, for a time, safeguard Auburn from the merciless effects of the Depression. In fact, in 1929 the market crash was not felt by Auburn as it managed to finish the year with record sales!

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in July of 2011 at The Inn at St. John's, Plymouth, Michigan.

125 hp, 298 cu. in. inline eight-cylinder engine, three-speed manual transmission, front and rear semi-elliptic leaf springs and four-wheel drum brakes. Wheelbase: 130"

Source: RM Auctions