Vath Mercedes-Benz CL500

Engine preparation is the daily bread of the VÄTH and this time it is seen in the black Mercedes-Benz CL500. After the conversion, the 5.5-liter engine uses sport camshafts, stainless steel sport catalysts and air filters, so there are 460 HP and 600 Nm of torque available now.

The fine tuning of the engine electronics also includes Vmax increase up to 290 km/h, that’s why it is important to turn attention to tires! In addition, stainless steel manifolds, catalytic converters and stainless steel rear silencer were used. The improved sound effect also underscores the sporty appearance and has a positive impact on the natural characteristics of this super sports car. A fuel cooler increases efficiency and at the same time reduces fuel consumption and lowers material stress. The engine oil cooler is used for special motors, a matter of course for VÄTH.

The black Benz stands on three-part VÄTH 20-inch forged wheels with 245/30ZR20 tires at the front and 285/25ZR20 – at the rear axle. It has a three-way adjustable sports suspension and a braking system designed for maximum performance even in this case of special priority. The stability and security for high cornering speeds do not compromise comfort. The front spoiler lips, the rear diffuser and the trunk-lip spoiler are made of high quality visual carbon.

For the adequate refinement of the interior, carbon fiber parts with perfect fit and high processing precision in either classic black or even multi-colored carbon were used. The metamorphosis of the interior is available with sport steering wheel in several variants, a rounded down to 360 km/h speedometer and black suede bottom with silver embroidered logo.

Information on the respective prices of the individual stages can be provided by the VÄTH Company at any time, but is also available for download as a PDF-file.

Source: Vath press
Photo Credit: Jordi Miranda

Vath Mercedes-Benz CL500