Cam Shaft Hummer H1

The origin of the vehicle presented represents the combination of love for video games (Call of Duty) and desire to make a car, which is already can’t be called ordinary, even better.

With the help of co-operation and joint efforts, the participants made the impossible; they had a lot of discussions, came up with various sketches and rejected them, in other words they worked hard until they finally created the desired and obvious for all combination of two hobbies – cars and games.

A bit of imagination will help any interested spectator to easily imagine that the H1 Pickup appears on the screen is the part of the game. The Hummer H1 which is still produced at Avtotor in Kaliningrad for the local market, with its enormous size and huge wheels, produces even more powerful impression with a brilliant wrap in the foil by Cam Shaft.

Games are, without any doubt, a touchy subject, but those who can distinguish reality form the game – and, we believe, every passionate player should be able to do that – this vehicle amazes everyone as the courage and tendency to be wild.

Source: Cam Shaft press
Photo Credit: Jordi Miranda

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