Supercar fan Marchettino happened to be shooting a video at Ferrari’s Maranello factory at just the right time, and he caught what might be the 488 Speciale. The model could have had a big surprise, too. While he didn’t capture the quote on video, one engineer allegedly told another not to activate the coupe’s KERS, Marchettino claimed. If that’s true, then there could be another hybrid Ferrari on the horizon.

Marchettino is initially certain that the vehicle is a Dino prototype in disguise, but after watching the whole video, a 488 Speciale test mule actually makes a little more sense. As the clip points out, this coupe appears to have extra intakes at the front corners and wider openings at the rear. The changes suggest that that Ferrari wants to get even more cool air into a hotter turbocharged engine.

Another big hint to the vehicle’s identity is the paper on the dashboard that reads F142M M3. The 488 GTB’s internal name is the F142M, so this test mule has some relation to the current coupe.

A final potential piece of evidence is the way the engine sounds. Judging the noise from a camera is difficult, but this mill doesn’t make a noise like a biturbo V6 that the Dino would likely borrow from the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. Instead, it still sounds like a V8.

None of this evidence is definitive, and t his model could still be the Dino or some other Ferrari under development. However, it’s not absurd to consider the company installing KERS on the 488 GTB. In a story earlier this year, company boss Sergio Marchionne said, "as soon as electrification is ready, we’ll have a bunch of even better performing Ferraris.” Maybe that time has come.

Via: Jalopnik

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