Mazzanti Evantra

Mazzanti automobili is delighted to announce that the “Evantra n°00” is in the phase of completion. The world premiere will take place during the most exclusive Supercar show in the world, where back in 2006 also the “Antas” was unveiled: “Top Marques Monaco show”, The reference event of all sportscars will take place in Montecarlo from the 18th to 21st April 2013, under the patronage of prince Albert II of Monaco.

From the project “Mugello” has born the production-ready version of the new supercar of Mazzanti automobili: Evantra.

Following the company's tradition the name comes from the ancient etruscan language and it represents the concept of an object which is unique and exclusive, in fact, Evantra for the etruscan was the goddess of immortality.

The extreme personalization by its future owner of each car produced will be supervised personally by its creator, Mr. Luca Mazzanti in the new atelier “Mazzanti Automobili” in Pontedera.

The design of the Evantra was created by Luca Mazzanti together with Zsolt Tarnok (Mazzanti automobili chief designer), in concept it is the perfect equilibrium of classic and modern sportscars.
The smooth surfaces, the classicaly shaped fenderlines come from the traditional classic cars which influenced most the past creations. For the styling of the Evantra a modern and a bit more aggressive appearance was desired, so in the details more modern solutions were used. Such parts are the shape of the lights, with the modern LED lights, and the precise and neat outlines and connections of the air inlets and outlets around the car. These virtually different concepts have been merged togehter in harmony to create this unique supercar, Evantra.

The lightweight steel chassis, the low center of gravity, the low kerb weight and the performance of the engine - available as naturally aspirated or biturbo - all add up to the spectacular dinamism of the Evantra. Besides the balance of the car makes it absolutely at home on any racetrack or on a remote mountain road.

The bodywork is produced in two different steps, the first called PRO-BODY: made of composite materials, which is always available, or the second, called ONE-BODY: entirely hand crafted, all aluminim body, personalized by the client. With this option the client can have a project dedicated exclusively to the single vehicle, virtually building a One-off.

Source: Mazzanti press

Mazzanti Evantra