Fiat 600 Multipla Taxi

Originally built by Fiat, this commercial “Italian Market” taxi was delivered new to Rome in 1960 and registered on ROMA plate number 410364, where it served as a taxi for seven years.

Finding themselves stranded in Rome by a nationwide train strike, a young couple from Chicago purchased this Multipla Taxi on their month-long Italian honeymoon. After traveling throughout the country for the better part of a month without any incidents or issues, the couple decided that they could not part with their little taxi. They agreed that whatever the cost, their new family member would be going back with them to the “Windy City.” In the fall of 1969, almost 2½ years and a significant investment later, they finally received their little Fiat in Chicago, which is where it remained for the next 35 years.

In 2005 after much consideration, they decided they could no longer give their little Fiat the care and love it deserved, so they sold it to Symbolic Motor Car Company in La Jolla, California. Committed to preserving the correctness and originality of the vehicle, Symbolic decided to only sympathetically recondition the car in order to maintain the originality and patina that the car had acquired over the last 50 years.

With special attention paid to the mechanical components, the engine, gearbox, brakes, suspension, and electrics were all completely overhauled and rebuilt. Some minor dents and dings acquired over its lifetime were repaired, and even the original taxi meter and the various other taxi features were reconditioned. Completed in June of this year, this lovely little Fiat has only accumulated test mileage to ensure everything is in perfect working order.

This car was auctioned off by RM Auctions in August of 2010 at the Portola Hotel & Spa and Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, California.

22 bhp, 633 cc liquid-cooled, rear-mounted four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual gearbox, independent front suspension with wishbones and coil springs, independent rear suspension with radius arms and coil springs, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 78.75"

Source: RM Auctions

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