Wheelsandmore Audi R8

As the new Audi R8 already has a sportsful equipment, the german cartuner wheelsandmore designed a few special parts to increase the look and the perfomance of the bolide.

To complete the existing carbon parts a new front-spoiler lip and a rear diffusor, completely done in carbon, were developed.

A new feature in 2009 is a hydraulic lift coilover, adjustable in damping and rebound, which allows lifting up the car up to 30mm helping the Audi R8 avoid road clearance difficulties.

From the actual series the 6Sporz wheel-model was chosen to refine the cars look. At the front axle they took a 9.0x20" with tires 235/30/20 and at the rear a 11.5x20" rim with 295/25/20 from Continental. The wheels are handmade in germany, weight optimized, forged and any kind of surfacing is individually possible.

To increase the cars performance up to 457 hp wheelsandmore made an ECU update and took their handmade, stainless steel, free digitally programmable exhaust system with valve control.

Further a kompressorkit is offered to tune the cars power up to 530hp at 550lb-ft.

Source: Wheelsandmore press

Wheelsandmore Audi R8