With the latest supercar horsepower tango pouring out of Europe, GM can't stand to see the already potent 500hp Corvette Z06 gazed down upon as a second rate supercar. Instead GM is developing an alleged supercharged 600hp Z06 with carbon fiber components dubbed the "Blue Devil" as reported by Autoweek in a recent interview with General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz. With a curb weight hovering around 2900 lbs. and a price tag starting at $100,000 the European competition should be breaking into a cold sweat as the Blue Devil seen here making laps around Germany's Nurbürgring passes by.

There is no denying this devil in a blue dress will drop jaws with amazing performance but the best and worst part is the price tag. The price is the best part in terms of having an obtainable super car for non-millionaires. However, the worst part is the absence of status and exclusivity that comes with an exotic super sports car's astronomical price tag. Price it too low and the Blue Devil will never shake that second tier reputation no matter how good it performs. Bargains are for the frugal minded and in the realm of supercars this doesn't mix. It is well known that GM has the capability to build amazing cars of such caliber but in the midst of financial difficulty the Blue Devil is a bit inappropriate. GM should stop trying to shed light on its model line by creating an artificial halo effect from an affordable super car. Instead they should concentrate more on anticipating consumer tastes and make desirable products as a result. And I'm not talking about making more SUV's.

Brian Potter

Managing Director


Corvette Blue Devil Spy Photos