Wheelsandmore Ferrari 599 GTO

Wheelsandmore completes its portfolio for the otherweise mostly red racers from Maranello with special Ferrari model 599 GTO.

Following their reputation as an individual high-end car tuning company all performance products were adapted to the complete black and yellow color concept on customer's option.

Even the using of 3-piece handcrafted 6Sporz ultralight forged wheels is changing the appearance of the rare supercar crucial. The also black and yellow powder coated wheels were customized sizing 9,0x21 inches in front with tires 245/30/21 and with ultrawide 12.5x21 inches rims and 345/25/21 Hankook S1Evo tires at the rear axle. With forged and weight optimized centers the wheels weights are similar to the oem wheels and are not effecting the car's performance negatively.

Although the italian V12 monster is standardly coming with 670hp, german tuner Wheelsandmore developed a special power increasing package, contending an ecu upgrade adapted to the handcrafted, stainless steel exhausts with remote-able valve flaps. This package pushes the performance up to charming 715 hp and 665 nm.

The luxury tuner installed a hydraulic liftable suspension to avoid expensive damages at the car's body. With pushing a remote control button the front axle lifts up around 1.18 inches to overcome road abstacles or steep gateways.

Source: Wheelsandmore press

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