Wheelsandmore Ferrari California

As the actual Ferrari California isn't full of dedicated characteristics from a sportscar, wheelsandmore developed an appropriate performance package and integrate it into the current portfolio.

Ferrari's smallest V8-engine with just 4.3 liters displacement is increased moderately up to 500 hp and 525 lb-ft. Responsible for this extra power of 40hp / 40lb-ft is, beneath the remotable, valve controlled exhaustsystem, the remapped ecu software. Even more power and a phenomenal racesound is promised with optional combination of 200 cell sports catalysts and premuffler replacement tubes, as well handcrafted by Wheelsandmore.

Spezialized in manufacturing 3-piece forged wheels the tuner equipped the 2+2 hard top convertible with their 100% handmade wheelmodel 6 Sporz, which is customized on costumer's option, matching the whole appearance of refreshed California. As Wheelsandmore is able to produce all of their wheels any sizes, they created the maximum possible sizes for the Ferrari California. Those light-weight wheels are sizing 9.0x21” at the front with tires 245/30/21” and at the rear 12.5x21” with 345/25/21” S1Evo barrels from Hankook.

By lowering the vehicle's center of gravity around 40mm with special lowering springs the tuner achieves a much better handling and an accomplished sportscar look.

Significant to this conversion is the - only by a complete car order - available aero- and design-package, contending lacquered selected serial parts and a double-line racestripe, black plasma coated endtips and discreet carbon elements at the front- and rearbumper, sideskirts and a carbon boot lid spoiler.

Source: Wheelsandmore press

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