Buick Lucerne 'VIP' by RIDES Magazine

RIDES, a premier urban automotive enthusiast magazine, has transformed a Buick Lucerne CXS into an authentic “VIP” (pronounced vipp) vehicle, with the goal of making it the utmost status symbol in luxury, performance, style and refinement. VIP is a Japanese-influenced tuner trend involving full-body sedans, and it has quickly sped into American car culture.

“We at RIDES pride ourselves on doing innovative builds with cars that aren’t always the most obvious,” said Ben Harris of RIDES Magazine. “We felt the Lucerne was the perfect candidate for customization because it has plenty of styling in its stock form, with enough open room to put our own spin on it.”

RIDES’ vision was to enhance the car’s natural attributes, emphasizing the Lucerne’s luxury styling cues and sleek look, and tune it for an urban audience. Modifications on the Lucerne VIP include a black-on-black color scheme, custom body kit; lowered suspension; large wheels and tires; mobile entertainment system; interior featuring custom suede inserts with executive-style touches; and a lowered overall stance.

Source: Buick press

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