Bentley R-Type by Alexander Kotlyarevsky

Alexander Kotlyarevsky designed the Bentley R-Type in 2010. The idea was to create a one-off model, based on a performance car package. Styling was inspired by the well-known R-Type of the 1950s.

The design language is unmistakably Bentley, with the simplicity of elegant curves and balance of proportions. It is detail oriented and harmoniously executed. The exterior lines indicate a fastback, complemented by a wide grill in the front and vertical taillights at the rear. The interior design is tailored in special leather, alcantara and carbon fiber.

Kotlyarevsky’s intention was to create a simply beautiful machine that can be called a Bentley.

Source: Alexander Kotlyarevsky

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Bentley R-Type by Alexander Kotlyarevsky