Ugur Sahin Design Chevrolet Corvette Z03 Mallett Concept

Beautiful cars and everything that goes with it keeps fascinating large numbers of people. And the fact that fascination often leads to passion is proven by the new Corvette Z03 presented by Mallett Cars from Berea, Ohio and USD B.V, syllable for Ugur Sahin Design from Gorinchem, the Netherlands.

To the team of Ugur Sahin Design the Corvette C6 rolling chassis presented itself as the ideal platform to start working from. The chassis has proven to be an extremely competitive package on the public roads and even more so on the circuits with the Le Mans victories as best proof of the competence of the C6 Corvette.

With the Corvette Z03 project the 24 year old automotive designer Ugur Sahin has not only created a visually stunning concept, its name also covers the charge due to its very eminent design language translating the Corvette C3 series into a timeless design. To describe the project in one sentence is almost impossible, because this Z03 project incorporates two worlds in one: Supercar performance and the art of Automotive Haute Couture. The limited production series of 100 vehicles will be visually enhanced with stylish handcrafted Carbon Fibre bodyworks, painted in a color to the clients choice. Every body part will be precision engineered by the state of the art engineering equipments to ensure the maximum build quality.

Several exterior design adjustments have been made for optimal engine cooling and improved downforce. The headlight units have been shaped into a more aggressive, yet distinctive design to fit the shape of the new powerdome hood.

For fabrication and engine tuning of the limited Corvette series Ugur Sahin Design has teamed up with Mallett Cars from Berea, Ohio.

Mallett Cars has a long history with racing Corvettes and the Mallett brothers have tuned and upgraded hundreds of Corvettes over the years.

Now that Ugur Sahin Design and Mallett Cars have set their minds on the Corvette C6, they are aiming to push the bar even higher for the American performance car enthusiasts.

Proof of this statement is that Mallett Cars has developed a full 24000 mile/ two year guaranteed 999 hp Twin Turbo engine upgrade, which makes the Mallett Z03 the most powerful Corvette series ever produced. After the first testings of the 999HP engine upgrade, acceleration times from 0 to 60 mp/h have been clocked under 3 seconds and the top speed of reaching 220 miles per hour.

Pricing of the conversion of your Corvette C6 or Z06 into a USD Mallett Z03 is set at $ 69.000 for the full bodywork conversion including reference class paintwork.

The Mallett Z03 will be available with two optional performance packages based on the GM’s LS7 engines, a 700 hp supercharged conversion and a 999 hp twin turbo conversion.

Source: Ugur Sahin Design press

Ugur Sahin Design Chevrolet Corvette Z03 Mallett Concept