The current Corvette would remain in production at the same time.

The rumors about a mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette are coming at a fevered pace, and now multiple anonymous sources tell The Detroit News that the sports car arrives in early 2019. These people wouldn’t reveal their names because the vehicle isn’t official yet, but the speculation fits with an earlier report about the model debuting at the 2018 North American International Motor Show as a 2019 model year product.

“It’s happening. Mark Reuss wants it,” an unnamed former employee told The Detroit News. “It’s the worst-kept secret in town.”

According to these insiders, the C8 Corvette has the developmental codename "Emperor." The rear-wheel drive sports car reportedly features active aero pieces, but the engine remains a V8 with pushrods, rather than overhead cams. Chevy might consider further variants down the line, including a possible plug-in hybrid.

Earlier reports indicated the C7 ‘Vette would remain in production simultaneously with the C8 for some period. The Detroit News’ insiders refine this rumor by indicating only the current Z06 and Grand Sport would stick around until 2021. By using this strategy, Chevy can position the new one as a halo model but still have a more traditional alternative for customers who don’t want to spend so much money. Eventually, the C8 would be the only ‘Vette, though.

Chevy parent General Motors has signaled something big happening for the Corvette by making major investments in its Bowling Green, Kentucky, factory. For example, the company earmarked $290 million into technology upgrades there in June. Last year, the company spent $439 million there for a new paint shop.

Source: The Detroit News

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