Ford Racing Mustang Boss 302SX Concept

Ford discreetly unveiled the Mustang Boss 302SX at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Orlando, Florida.

The Mustang Boss 302SX is a concept for the ultimate track day car. The concept features an aggressively vented hood, spoiler and front fascia. The Mustang Boss 302SX is a combination of the 302S and 302R Grand Am car. The 5.0L engine and 500+ hp come from the 302S and the transmission is borrowed from the 302R.

The interior has been stripped for the track day car of all non essentials. There is a single seat, steering wheel and roll cage.  Ford is testing and waiting for feedback on the Boss 302SX to see if there is a market for a car that is a notch above the Boss 302S.

Source: Ford Racing

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