Chevrolet Impala SS NASCAR

Racing teams in NASCAR’s premier series began racing an all-new racecar design at several venues during the 2007 season. Dubbed the Car of Tomorrow (COT), this “universal” racecar was designed to bring new safety innovations to the drivers while also improving the competition during races. The COT also is aimed at driving down costs for race teams, as its basic design makes it adaptable to a variety of tracks, meaning teams can build fewer cars for the season.

Chevrolet displayed an Impala SS racecar at SEMA, highlighting a successful season that, to date has seen victories at 12 of the 15 races where the COT was implemented – starting with Kyle Busch’s win at Bristol on March 25. Chevrolet has secured its 31 st NASCAR Nextel Cup manufacturers championship, has won more than 600 NASCAR Nextel Cup races—more than any other manufacturer—and has won a record-setting five straight Daytona 500 races.

Source: Chevrolet press