Mazzanti Mugello Concept

The new creation of F&M by Mazzanti Automobili is arriving: “F&M Mugello”. The first F&M mid-engine supercar, to be produced in an exclusive and personalized manner.

As suggested by the name, ‘Mugello’ is a lightweight and powerful sportscar, strongly connected to racecars from where inherits the power and the perfect dynamic behavior. But it also distinguishes itself with the chiseled styling and the attention to fine details.

Designed together by Luca Mazzanti and Zsolt Tarnok (F&M chief designer) realized handcrafted in Italy. Its production will not exceed 5 examples a year, this way the highest level of result and absolute exclusivity is guaranteed for the fortunate owners.

Source: F&M Auto

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Mazzanti Mugello Concept