Vilner Mercedes-Benz G-Class

How would the modern carriage, worthy enough for today’s princes and princesses, look like? Vilner Studio assumed Charles Perrault’s role and the magnificent Mercedes G-Class opened its doors to reveal to us the fabulous world of the designer studio.

The completely changed interior is worthy enough for royalties. High quality leather embraces the whole coupe. The bright salon pleases the senses with its embossed elements, which crawl along the doors and ceiling of the vehicle. The ceiling is divided by a wide black strip of Alcantara. The whole interior of the vehicle is dressed in leather – even the rear-view mirror and the plastic elements on the seatbelts. Particular attention is paid to the details. Tiny elements of the interior magnificently stand out by their shining chrome. The light from the plafonds of the mirrors in the sunblinds comes out from round openings in the black Alcantara.

No matter how long the road from Kingdom A to Kingdom B is going to be, the passengers in the luxurious Mercedes G-Class will enjoy the music coming from the Ground Zero sound system in the extra muffled coupe. The drinks will stay in the chromium stands, surrounded with black plush, while the engraved initials proudly stand out on the front seats.

Outside, in the dark, the road can be seen crystal clear, thanks to the new LED lights, added by Vilner… A beautiful fairy-tale!

Source: Vilner press

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