Kia Eco Cee'd Concept

Kia is also exhibiting two new ´green-performance´ concept cars. Called ´eco_cee´d´ the concept cars are a development of the highly-acclaimed Kia pro_cee´d and the hugely popular cee´d five-door hatchback.

With the eco_cee´d models, Kia aims to achieve even better fuel consumption, with fewer emissions - while still delivering a lively, spirited and entertaining drive. Kia Motors has already confirmed that many of the technologies featured on the eco_cee´d concept cars will be progressively transferred to the cee´d family of production models, manufactured from December 2008.

"The rapid transfer of green-performance eco_cee´d concept features into production versions of the cee´d, demonstrates Kia´s vision for the way ahead," enthuses Mr Paul Willis, COO Kia Motors Europe. "Our new ´eco´ features also confirm Kia´s commitment to creating environmentally friendly production models - without losing sight of customer expectations for fun-to-drive cars."

The impressive performance, fuel economy and emissions figures of the eco_cee´d cars result from numerous small but significant modifications. Fuel consumption is improved (just 3.9 litres/100km) and C02 emissions reduced - to just 104 g/km (down 17%) for pro_cee´d and 106 g/km (cee´d five-door).

Source: Kia press

Kia Eco Cee'd Concept