Chevrolet SO-CAL HHR Bonneville Racer

GM Performance Division's stunning HHR topped 208 mph on the Salt Flats and attracted crowds in the pits, and even though it didn’t get a chance to top the 226.835 mph record in G/BFCC (G Class/Blown Fuel Competition Coupe), the chopped and stretched version of the production HHR achieved its objective of creating a buzz around Chevy's new crossover vehicle.

GM Performance Division engineers were also aiming to eclipse their own record in the Chevy So-Cal Cobalt SS. In 2003, GM engineer Jim Minneker set the standard in the G/Blown Fuel Altered class at 212.684 mph driving a Saturn Ion Red Line coupe. Considering that the Cobalt topped 243 mph in last year's warm-up, the team was extremely confident of setting the official record this year. However, the Cobalt was only able to make two passes on this year's track before bad weather cancelled the event.

Source: Chevrolet press