Chevrolet SO-CAL Cobalt Bonneville Racer

Four young women were among the many disappointed racers on the soggy salt in August. They had participated in GM Performance Division's innovative student project partnering with a build team from California Street Rods, applying their engineering and organizational skills to the design, construction and testing of a Cobalt SS land speed racer during a 12-week internship. The four students – Tessa Russell, Sarah Jubenville, Heather Chemistruc, and Idalia Ovalle – had been certified in high-speed driving at the GM Desert Proving Grounds in preparation for their planned record run at Bonneville. The Student Project Cobalt achieved 140 mph in shakedown runs, and was in line to make a record attempt when the rain arrived.

"The purpose of the Bonneville student program was to give four young female engineers an opportunity to exercise their abilities in a unique environment while giving them hands-on experience and introducing them to GM's resources and processes," said Michelle Burrows, GM Performance Division student projects manager. "Setting a record would have been a fine bonus, but the fact that the car was constructed and tested on a very compressed schedule made the project a success."

Source: Chevrolet press