Hennessey McLaren MP4-12C

Texas-based automotive tuning company, Hennessey Performance (HPE), has set their sights on taking the new McLaren MP4-12C to a higher level of performance. Today the company is introducing their HPE800 Twin Turbo concept for the 12C. The HPE800 Twin Turbo will include upgrades to the powertrain designed to reliably increase power to over 800 bhp. HPE will also add a more aggressive aero package to the vehicle in order to increase downforce. The Hennessey CarbonAero bodywork will incorporate a new, center-positioned frontal air inlet with hood extractor. This new design will allow room for larger heat exchangers for improved engine intercooling as well as transmission cooling.

“We’ve been taking fast cars and have been making them faster for over twenty years,” said company founder and president John Hennessey. “I spent a lot of time around the new 12C at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed and was very impressed. We’re excited to have the opportunity to take a great car and give it our own special performance touch while giving 12C owners a uniquely aggressive appearance”.

HPE does not plan to offer any kind of a suspension or brake system upgrade as the factory systems will be difficult to improve upon. The company plans to offer the upgrades listed above as an entire package as well as some individual parts. These items will be available directly from HPE facilities located in Texas and Southern California. Pricing has not yet been set.

Source: Hennessey press

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Hennessey McLaren MP4-12C