Lamborghini Avispado Concept by Kaiwan Hasani

Kaiwan Hasani, a Kurdish designer, living in Norway created the Lamborghini Avispado in collaboration with the Scoula Politecnica di Design (SPD) who sponsored the electric Lamborghini project.

Hasani has always been passionate about automotive design and has the drive and ambition to pursue his goals and dreams in this field.

The name of the concept car is Avispado. It comes from a Spanish bull. "Avispado" (avispa means "wasp" in Spanish and the name referred to the bull's unusually sharp horns). In Lamborghini tradition; both doors on the Avispado Concept open upwards. The car is characterized by the traditional Lamborghini; sharp edges, precise lines and clean surfaces, all essential ingredients to the car's style.

The Lamborghini Avispado has four electric motors and is all-wheel drive. The four electric motors are positioned near the wheels and are connected to one transmission per axle. This unique setup effectively gives the car an intelligent all-wheel- drive system which optimizes power to each individual wheel.

The car is inspired from a falcon and jetfighter, which is visible in the design language. Although it is based on the Estoque, the exterior design of the concept is completely new. It represents the ultimate symbol of Lamborghini's philosophy of creating extreme super sports cars without compromise.

The exterior of the car is of the material CFC, a composite carbon fiber material. This high technology material is light weight and is environmentally friendly.

Source: Kaiwan Hasani

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