Alpina BMW B3 GT3

Alpina's recent return to international motor sport peaked this year, with the drivers Alexandros Margaritis and Dino Lunardi winning the German GT Series, the 2011 ADAC GT Masters Championship, in the Alpina BMW B6 GT3.

With this achievement Alpina purposefully demonstrates that despite a long absence from motor sports, cutting edge automotive know-how and technical expertise continues to be the foundation for the development of exclusive BMW Alpina automobiles.

Ideal circumstances to re-kindle the long-standing Alpina tradition of creating ultra small series limited editions.

The Alpina BMW B3 GT3 combines exceptional characteristics and technical features of the Alpina BMW B6 GT3 racecar with classic design elements of iconic Alpina automobiles of the past - to the delight of Alpina customers and enthusiasts worldwide.

The exceptionally smooth twin turbocharged 3.0liter in line six-cylinder engine from the Alpina B3 S Bi-Turbo - with its massive torque and effortless performance - is also employed in the B3 GT3. By amending the exhaust system and replacing the rear silencer the back pressure has been further reduced, increasing output in the B3 GT3 by 8hp. The direct petrol injected engine now delivers a total power output of 408hp at 6000rpm and 540Nm of torque at 4500rpm.

Developed in collaboration with Akrapovic, the renowned specialist for Titanium exhaust systems, the B3 GT3 exhaust system is lightweight, impressive yet elegant in appearance and, in keeping with the character of the car, has a raspy sound. The use of Titanium for the rear silencer and tailpipes, in addition to other constructional design measures such as the removal of the middle silencer, the use of an x-section and significantly larger diameter pipes, has resulted not only in a reduction in back pressure but also a weight saving of 11kg.

Taking design cues from the B6 GT3 race car and in order to support weight reduction efforts, the exhaust system 'only' has two typically Alpina oval shaped tailpipes but of increased diameter (115mm). In addition to its heat protective function, the lightweight carbon tailpipe trim provides for a more aggressive design. Extensive sound development measures where aimed at achieving a natural, unfiltered and typical six-cylinder sound.

Besides exceptional acceleration, in 4.6s from 0-100km/h, and a fulminate power delivery, negative acceleration also plays a pivotal role in satisfying the demands of enthusiast drivers.

The direct transfer of this technology 'from the track to the street' allows for far reaching adjustment of the suspension on the B3 GT3 according to widely different requirements, and for fine-tuning and balancing the handling according to personal preference. The coilovers are fully height adjustable, meaning the ride height of the vehicle can be changed significantly. Additionally the dampers feature 12-fold compression and 18-fold rebound adjustment. The range of adjustment has been carefully calibrated to allow for a dynamic yet sufficiently comfortable road-biased set-up for normal driving while simultaneously offering amplitude of adjustment for also achieving a purely track-focused race set-up.

Fundamental suspension components including the springs and stabilizers have been specifically calibrated by Alpina to suit the dynamic focus of the B3 GT3. Special top mounts with adjustable top mount plates at the front ensure an especially stiff connection to the chassis. Combined, all these components ensure that the B3 GT3 exhibits the kind of poised and extremely neutral handling which one expects from Alpina.

Besides its competitive drivetrain and suspension technology, the B6 GT3 racecar managed to more than hold its own in the ADAC GT Masters thanks to its exceptional aerodynamics - downforce playing a vital role in achieving fast lap times. The B3 GT3 special edition exhibits a number of aerodynamic features which have been directly derived from the experience gained in motor racing.

The combination of a carbon front splitter, which is mounted on the underside of the front spoiler, and dive plates, which are mounted on the side of the front valence, ensures excellent aerodynamic properties at the front end. To achieve an ideal aerodynamic balance a carbon wing is mounted at the rear. The profile of the rear wing is such, that it reduces lift at the rear significantly without negatively affecting the drag coefficient. The rear diffuser, in black matt, also plays a part in ensuring that the aerodynamic efficiency at the rear end is improved.

All B3 GT3's feature a Leather/Alcantara interior upholstery in black, both driver and passenger are seated in lightweight Recaro sport seats with seat heating. Ergonomically shaped and with a firm seat cushion, they deliver excellent comfort in combination with optimum lateral support. The seats can be adjusted in height by about 30mm via their mounting points and feature manual back and horizontal adjustment.

A special highlight for Alpina enthusiasts: vertical stripes designed in Alpina racing colors are integrated into the front and rear seats. The sports steering wheel with paddles is finished in Alcantara, hand finished with Blue/Green stitching.

Limited to 99 units worldwide, the B3 GT3 features a comprehensive and carefully selected standard equipment level, in line with its sporting character.

Source: Alpina press

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