Honda N Box

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced it will begin sales of the N BOX, the first model of the new mini-vehicle N Series. Honda created the N Series with a passion to create the best and new vehicle for Japan, and a newly-designed platform and powertrain were adopted for the N Series models.

Honda, which has great experience in producing minivans, developed the N BOX with the goal of creating a "mini-minivan," condensing the attractiveness and values of a minivan into a mini-vehicle. Featuring an innovative platform, the N BOX realizes spaciousness, comfort and economic efficiency beyond the concept of a mini-vehicle.

Through the combination of the new platform, the center-tank layout, and the newly-developed powertrain, the N BOX features one of the largest cabin spaces among all mini-vehicles in the market. This new platform embodies Honda's M/M (man maximum/machine minimum) concept, the origin of Honda's automobile design. The center-tank layout is Honda's unique packaging technology, first adopted for the Fit, which innovated the concept of a "small car."

The newly-developed engine and transmission enabled the N BOX to realize both dynamic driving and excellent fuel economy. With the adoption of the idle stop mechanism, which has been adapted from hybrid vehicles, the N BOX realized top level fuel economy in its class.

Customers can choose from several types and packages to accommodate their preferences. In addition to the base grade, which offers the spaciousness and sense of security suitable for a family with children, N BOX Custom is offered for customers who seek a vehicle with strong individuality and a sense of presence.

Source: Honda press

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