Jaguar XJ Super V8 Portfolio

The Super V8 Portfolio underlines the acclaimed quality of the XJ’s engineering, rooted in its advanced aluminum construction. It builds on the XJ Long Wheelbase’s lightweight, strong dynamic performance, exceptional spaciousness and agile, sporty handling. It demonstrates Jaguar’s commitment to intelligent and uncomplicated use of technology. It shows, too, that there’s more to the XJ’s core character than space, elegance and luxury, and that Jaguar knows how contemporary British design can match XJ heritage with 21st century sporty appeal.

The Super V8 Portfolio also amply demonstrates Jaguar’s ability to respond positively and rapidly to market and media feedback, in moving from concept to production readiness within a year of the original unveil.

The Super V8 Portfolio will be built as a limited edition car, mainly for the US and Canada, but also for other key markets worldwide. Every car will be built to a single specification. Visually the look is distinguished by key design details including the sculpted aluminum power vents in the front wings, the distinctive mesh grille used on all Jaguar’s most powerful cars, its polished 20-inch alloy wheels, and two new exterior colors - either the stunning 'Black Cherry' metallic paint that first appeared on the Concept Eight show car or an alternative new metallic finish named 'Winter Gold'.

Inside, the Super V8 Portfolio is just as different - again closely based on the Concept Eight's design cues. It features leather and wood trim but with a very modern spin, individual power-adjustable rear seats separated by a large centre console, and a new-generation equipment list ranging from Bluetoothâ connectivity to a DVD system with twin rear display-screens, and from four-zone air conditioning to Alpine Dolby Prologic II surround-sound audio.

Mechanically, the Super V8 Portfolio has the power and refinement of Jaguar’s supercharged 4.2-liter AJ-V8 engine but for the 2006 model year Jaguar's most powerful engine enjoys a 10bhp increase from 390bhp to 400bhp (SAE). An advanced six-speed ZF automatic transmission takes drive to the rear wheels. Performance runs to an electronically limited top speed of 155mph, and 0-60mph in just 5.0 seconds, proving the Super V8 Portfolio’s sporty character is more than cosmetic.

The Super V8 Portfolio builds on and challenges the XJ Long Wheelbase’s classic image giving the car a 21st century attitude that makes it a new and very special addition to the XJ range.

‘The Super V8 Portfolio is the XJ with more attitude. All the elegant proportions and contemporary detail are there, but overlaid with a totally different sporty character – a new assertiveness and muscle-tone that underline the XJ’s dynamic brilliance and build on its innovative engineering.’
Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars

The Super V8 Portfolio’s most obvious feature is its dramatically different appearance. The whole impression is of a car that sits lower and wider and is much more overtly sporty than the standard XJ. The prominent, sculpted aluminum power vents in its front wings immediately set the Super V8 Portfolio apart from any other XJ. As do the 20-inch ‘Callisto’ alloy wheels featuring the same highly-polished five-spoke design as the 21-inch wheels of the Concept Eight but promising better everyday durability and ride comfort for the production car.

Like the Concept Eight wheels the Callisto rims have slim, elegantly curved spokes, and like the Concept Eight they feature the classic Jaguar script centre badge style – combining heritage with an ultra-modern spin. And, like all Jaguar’s highest performance models, the Super V8 Portfolio uses a classically simple mesh grille, flanked in this case by four headlights above a deep front air intake incorporating additional driving lights.

At the rear of the car, the Super V8 Portfolio is further distinguished from other XJ models by large, polished twin exhaust finishers, and by ‘Super V8 Portfolio’ badging – ‘Super V8’ on the left-hand side of the boot lid and ‘Portfolio’ on the right-hand side.

The Super V8 Portfolio delivers space and luxury with an added level of sportiness and modern design cues. Like any XJ Long Wheelbase it has front and rear leg and headroom comparable with the best in class, and it offers its own rear seat configuration, with two deep individual seats separated by a large, multi-functional center console. Each rear seat is individually power adjustable, with its own controls in the rear console, which also incorporates a range of roomy storage spaces. For maximum comfort, the rear of the center console also incorporates the individual controls for the rear-seat passengers’ part of the four-zone climate control system.

All four seats are upholstered in a unique, soft-grained, ruched, Conker colored leather, toning with the Conker color of the deep carpets and lambswool rugs. The headlining, visors and all the internal pillars from the tops of the doors up are finished in Alcantara, and the polished aluminum sill finishers each carry the ‘Portfolio’ logo. There is an electrically operated rear sunblind and manually operated rear-door sunblinds.

As is traditional, the Super V8 Portfolio uses wood trim across the dashboard and for the door cappings, produced with typical Jaguar quality and craftsmanship but with a distinctive modern twist – an elegant American black walnut veneer with a soft satin finish very much like some of the contemporary designer furniture that inspired it. This contrasts subtly with the Conker color of the leather, carpets and general trim, and is given a sportier attitude by touches such as the aluminum J-gate gearshift surround and the gearshift-knob also finished in Conker-colored leather.

Source: Jaguar press

Jaguar XJ Super V8 Portfolio