This mystery Lamborghini model that is set to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show has been an interesting affair. It all started with the release of an initial teaser image showing the rear of the vehicle focusing on the huge twin exhausts, a second soon followed showing a small shot of the side profile. Now a third teaser shot has been unearthed by a Lamborghini enthusiast forum, this time it is of the rear lamp. You will notice the diagonal line going through the lights, this is where the boot lid joins to the rear body, a fact that confirms the engine must be housed at the front of the vehicle.

WCF insiders have already had the opportunity to see full press images of the concept, we can definitely confirm it is a four door coupe to target models such as the Aston Martin Rapide. However, our earlier reports that it will be called “Urus” have proven to be false.  We are unable to tell you the full name yet, but we can assure you, there isn't long to wait before Lamborghini launch the first full press images.

Gallery: Third Teaser Surfaces for Mystery Lamborghini Four Door Concept

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